No Risk Guarantee

Unbeatable No Risk Guarantee for

CD and DVD Duplication!!

Dear Friend,

Our No Risk Guarantee is absolutely revolutionary! You will be completely satisfied. Send us No Money!! If you need 100 CDs or DVDs or more, we will:

1. Design and typeset your full color insert and tray card.
2. Send you a color proof.
3. All of this is provided at no risk or cost to you.

After your complete satisfaction, we’ll whisk your completed project back to you retail ready.

To start this process, you can call us at 1-800-233-3683 extension 1002 or text us at 330-928-9160. Or you can simply fill out the form below and submit it. You will receive an email with complete details of items needed to begin your project. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

For further information about our CD and DVD packages, please continue reading.

Have you created a CD or DVD master and need quality dups fast, but don’t know how to get started? Do you have some ideas for your color inserts but feel overwhelmed with where to begin?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our proven process will completely resolve all your questions and guide you step by step. We’ve been serving musicians for 27 years and we understand your desire for the clearest superior sound quality. The quality you need and on-time delivery is what Dove delivers, every time.

Imagine how excited you will be in possession of your finished project, enjoying all the benefits with everything completed effortlessly. This could be you in just a few days.

Here are some of our many satisfied customers’ testimonials:

I have dealt with several CD-ROM duplication vendors,
and Dove Enterprises has proven to be the best
in terms of pricing, quality and service.”

Bruce Bennett, Producer
Creative Video Editing, Madison WI


” Your company has always provided us with professional,
accurate and courteous service… it is refreshing and
wonderful to work with a company that
knows you by name!”

Susan D. Reeser, Dept. of Communications

University of Delaware, Newark, DE

For many years, Dove has produced my CD’s,

always in a timely manner to meet my concert schedule. 

The Dove staff has proven their personal interest,

as well as providing excellent product. 

They are very professional and

a delight to work with. “      

 Lorne Matthews, Concert Pianist

Akron Ohio

  • We understand and appreciate your unique needs as a musician.

We’ve worked successfully with musicians for 27 years. In fact, I originally started Dove because as a professional arranger, producer and recording artist, I needed to provide product to clients quicker and more professionally than the companies that were already out there.

As the music director for the Rex Humbard World Wide Television Network for 6 years, I’ve worked with many well known individuals such as Bill Gaither, Sandi Patti, Steve Green and others, and performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House. I know first hand the quality you need with on-time delivery, and I promise you Dove uses state of the art equipment and the finest materials.

You can join these happy and fulfilled customers with the following benefits:

  •  A quick turn around of your product. Many people buy on impulse, so it’s important to have enough product to offer after every live concert.  Your CDs will be there to substantially increase your income and profits.
  • A professional looking color insert that is impressive. To give your color cover that hot fresh killer look, the use of our art design staff is included in all our packages. There are no additional fees for design or layout.  (Other duplicators charge as much as $150 extra just for typesetting, then add $15 per scan and $50-$80 per hour for design!
  • At Dove, all these services are included in the competitive package price. An email proof of your design is sent to make sure the artwork meets your approval. Your CD is Guaranteed to look absolutely unique.
  • Quality on-time delivery. You can rest assured that we handle every step in-house, from design, duplication, through printing and packaging. This assures you we are controlling the quality and production schedule of your project.!
  • No long wait for weeks for your project.
    You can begin using your product quickly and enjoy new sales revenue because Dove has fast turn around.
  • No unexpected fees. Dove’s low package price includes design, layout and typesetting, duplication, assembly and shrinkwrapping, to be retail ready.  You are secure in the knowledge there are no unexpected fees. You save time and money.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You have no risk when ordering with Dove. We are taking all the risk because of Dove’s guarantee: You must be satisfied or you don’t pay. We’ll replace any product that doesn’t match the design proofs you approve. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our price for duplicated CD’s includes:

  • Full color inserts AND traycards
  • FREE graphic design and typesetting
    with orders of 100 or more
  • Black printing on disc(color available)
  • Shrink wrapping and assembly
  • Retail Ready

You will be amazed that Dove’s price for 100 CDs is $2.52 each. This already low price goes down even further at 250 CDs, only $2.41 each. And in quantities of 500, the price drops to only $1.75 each. These prices are 25% lower than many of our competitors.  And our turn around time is considerably better.

You can ensure your project is ready on time by starting that process today.  Avoid getting your project too late for your concerts, and the hassle of last minute haste. All of us have the intentions to get started early. But before we know it, one-two-three months go by, and  suddenly we need our new project completed in a hurry, possibly sacrificing the attention to detail we intended. Begin our effortless process today.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Dove. 100%! You must be satisfied or you don’t pay. We’ll replace any product that doesn’t match the design proofs you approve. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We want you to be so happy with our service and your product that you will return to Dove again and again, and refer us to your friends. We want to establish an ongoing friendship based on honesty and trust.  That can only happen if you are very satisfied. That is why we say your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Click here now to turn your dream into reality. With your $50 deposit, you will be one giant step closer to your goal, on time delivery of your new project.

Upon placing your deposit, immediately you will receive:

1)    Confirmation of your deposit

2)    An easy checklist to walk you step by step to make your CD project the success we both want it to be.

You have nothing to lose but wasted time and missed sales. You can gain the feeling of satisfaction from more sales with your newly completed project.  Click here to get your project started today!

Look forward to selling your music successfully on the Internet now!

Larry Adams


Dove Multimedia Inc.

P.S.Remember you will receive Free graphic design and layout, fast turnaround, quality materials, guaranteed satisfaction, Click here now!

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