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CDs & DVDs Jewel Cases
2 Panel Sleeve
4 Panel Wallet
Digipack with Tray
Tray Card
Tray Card Inside
2 Panel CD Insert
4 Panel CD Insert
6 Panel CD Insert
DVD Insert
CD / DVD Label
Promotional Items
Business Cards
Post Cards / Thank You Cards
Calendar (8.5 x 11)
Poster (8.5 x 11)
Poster (11 x 17)
Table Banner
Floor Banner
Format Considerations
ALL Formats Please note that graphic design is included at no charge for all duplication packages including color printing. Just send us a rough idea of what you are looking for and your photo. That’s it! Our designers will work with you to create a professional looking and attractive package in a timely manner. However, if you want to do your own design, or have someone helping you, please follow these guidelines.Please include at least 1/8″ on all four sides for bleed. Please leave 1/4″ margin around all edges (except traycard spines – leave as much margin as possible). All placed images are preferred in RGB mode but CMYK is fine. CMYK mode will produce less vibrant colors in most instances. Images should be at 300 DPI at actual size for full color and 1200 DPI for black and white line art.Special note for CD/DVD art:
If you are designing a label for full color imprint, they need to take out only the smallest circle in the center. This is ONLY for a full color imprinted label (not paper).Finished artwork can be emailed to or sent via Zip disk or CD-R to our postal address.
Illustrator / Freehand Please save as EPS format and follow the guidelines provided for those formats
EPS All fonts must be converted to paths. All images must be embedded not linked.
If you do your layout in Photoshop please try to save it as a TIFF file. If you must use JPEG because of filesize/transfer time make sure you use a very high quality setting. JPEG files WILL have image degradation due to the compression. Also note that small text will not come out well in either format – keep text at least 10 points and preferably 12.
PDF Since changes cannot be made to PDF files, submitted files should be complete and correct following above requirements. (300 dpi, bleed, etc.)
InDesign All fonts must be provided. We can accept both Mac and PC format InDesign files but we cannot accept PC fonts. If you are using a PC you must import your text layout into InDesign as an eps layer with all fonts converted to paths. All placed graphic files must be provided.
MS Word or
MS Publisher
This format is not suitable for professional production. Try to export or otherwise convert your document into one of the other acceptable formats.
Corel Draw We cannot accept this format. Try exporting your design as a 300 DPI TIFF file or EPS format. See guidelines for those formats.
Not listed We cannot accept any format which is not listed here. If you use an unlisted program to create your layout you will have to export it as one of these listed formats keeping in mind the considerations for that format. NOTE: Please remove the template guidelines from your final file before sending it.
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