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Limited Time Only 6 Months Free Hosting with New Website

We can design your website with all the features you want and need, starting at just $195!

They can include the following:

  • Your own name
  • Your own email
  • Email list manager – so you can send as many emails at one time as you want, address people by name in the email, and manage the list yourself
  • Your Concert Calendar that you can update from any computer anywhere.
  • Play mp3 files of your music from your website
  • Photo gallery
  • A guest book on your site
  • A personal blog/news update page to let your fans know the latest that’s going on with you
  • A feedback form.

We do all the work to get your website registered and published to the web. After that, you can update it on your own. You don’t have to be a computer expert either. The low cost is tailored to your needs. The low hosting fee of $15 per month keeps your website on the web 24-7 guaranteed, with all the above features and benefits. Includes registering of Domain Name. To get started today, fill out the form below, submit it, and we’ll get in touch with you right away to get your project started.




    I already have a website.

    I need a new website.

    Website name:


    I want my own email address

    I want the email list manager

    I want a concert calendar

    I want to play mp3 files on my site

    I want a guest book

    I want a blog/news page

    I want a feedback form

    I want a photo gallery

    Other things I want on my site:

    I will pay the $195 with a credit card

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